Our Culture

Our Mission

The mission of TICSIA is to uncover and make visible the emerging frontiers of science to create new knowledge, and produce important solutions that make the world better.

Our Vision

Our vision is to positively impact human life, and with our leading edge technologies and innovations create new opportunities.

In partnership with scientists across the world, we will help to create new ways of development, new ways of solving problems, and produce important solutions that make the world better.

Core Values

Our values and culture are critical elements of our past and future success.

Our culture is values-based, people-centric, process-oriented, and results-driven.

At TICSIA, all people must act with integrity and conduct business honestly and fairly.  On this point, there is no negotiation.

We have core values that continuously guide our work:

The Best Team Wins

Exceptional people thrive in TICSIA's fast-paced, results-oriented work environment.

    People are our most valued assets.

    We're passionate about retaining, developing and recruiting the best talent available.

    We win because: we are team-oriented with involvement by all; we seek fact-based, root cause solutions; we are accountable for our results and we deliver; we are non-political and not bureaucratic; we have high integrity and respect for others; winning is fun!


Innovation Defines Our Future

We are empowered and encouraged to challenge ourselves and each other, and to take balanced risks to advance innovation.

    We continuously apply our creativity to the technologies of products, services, and processes.

    Out-of-the box ideas, both large and small, add value to our enterprise.

    We accomplish "breakthroughs" through the Policy Deployment process.

Continuous Improvement is Our Way of Life

We constantly strive to do better, setting the bar high for ourselves and each other.

    TICSIA Business System is our culture.

    We aggressively and continuously eliminate waste in every facet of our business processes.