Ivan Popkov

Professional Summary

Scientific researcher with extensive experience in optics and physics of liquid crystal, polarimetry and superresolution of optical systems. I have publications in scientific journals: Applied Optics, Proceedings of the SPIE, Optics and spectroscopy.

Areas of interests:
  • developing of polarimetric methods and system
  • investigating the properties of liquid crystals
  • laser beams with singularity of wavefront
  • technical optics
  • optical tweezers
Participated in a local and international projects:
  • generalized theorem of Jones for birefringent systems
  • features of the interaction of coherent radiation with structured environments
  • development polarimetric method with liquid crystals modulator
  • dielectric and electro-optic properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals of nanocomposites
  • influence of spin and orbital angular momentum of photons on the interaction of radiation with matter
  • beams with an inhomogeneous distribution of polarization and intensity, and their application to manipulate nanoparticles
  • analyzes complex laser beams
  • сreating beams with controlled phase and polarization parameters for the study of the effects of spin-orbit interaction of the photon
  • light beams with a nonuniform distribution of the polarization and intensity and their application to manipulate nanoparticles

Work experience

The creation of compound polarization systems with necessary properties was with special calculation methods for multilayer media and complex elements developing. Development of optical systems for laser beams with the peculiarities of the wavefront and the heterogeneous distribution of polarization. Computer simulation of the propagation of laser radiation through a complex environment. Design and calculation of the optical systems in ZEMAX.