Anastasia Popkova

Professional Summary

Scientific researcher with extensive experience in optics and physics of liquid crystal, polarimetry and superresolution of optical systems. I have publications in scientific journals: Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Applied Optics, Chemical Physics Letters, Proceedings of the SPIE.

Areas of interests:
  • developing of polarimetric methods and system
  • investigating the properties of liquid crystals
  • analysis of the properties for liquid crystals of nanocomposites
  • analysis of multiple beam interference in a layered anisotropic medium and methods for optic superresolution
Participated in projects:
  • generalized theorem of Jones for birefringent systems
  • features of the interaction of coherent radiation with structured environments
  • development polarimetric method with liquid crystals modulator
  • dielectric and electro-optic properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals of nanocomposites
  • influence of spin and orbital angular momentum of photons on the interaction of radiation with matter
  • beams with an inhomogeneous distribution of polarization and intensity, and their application to manipulate nanoparticles
  • analyzes complex laser beams
  • photonic crystals on the basis of nanocomposite materials
  • three-dimensional photonic crystals on the basis of photopolymer composite nanoparticles and photopolymer liquid crystal
  • development of the structure of photonic crystals and methods for their synthesis, allowing the emergence providing a photonic band gap in three-dimensional lattices based photopolymers

Work experience

The influence of multiple beam interference on properties of complex polarization systems and spatial light modulators was studied in theory and in practice. The creation of compound polarization systems with necessary properties was with special calculation methods for multilayer media and complex elements developing. The impact of properties of light on operation polarization elements and systems was estimated. The opportunity to improve methods of atmospheric test was analyzed using compound automatic systems. The properties of liquid crystals of nanocomposites were studied. The analysis of a beam with a complex structure was conducted in order to optical trapping. The analysis of optical superresolution was considered.

  • scientific research with scientific groups including supervising research groups up to 10 people
  • experiments, tests and analysis to investigate properties of light and relationships between matter and light in optic and condensed matter
  • application of mathematical techniques to conduct and analyze observations and make conclusions related to well - known laws of physics
  • experiments to discover and develop industrial and medical use of theoretical and experimental results
  • preparation of scientific papers and reports
  • estimated influence of multiple beam interference in a sandwich structure of liquid crystals modulators and effect of every layer on light
  • developed method to measure wavelength based on multiple beam interference
  • developed compound polarization systems with electric control of axis and optical activity
  • analyzed the influence of nanoparticles on electro-optic and dielectric properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals